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Slow Food Challenge

Join the Slow Food Challenge during the month of October and give fast food the flick!

The Slow FOOD CHALLENGE is a major fundraising event for The Eggtober Foundation, which raises funds and awareness for gynaecological cancers. During this Eggtober month individuals and teams get sponsored to eat fresh, healthy local food from October 1- October 31.

The reason for the Slow FOOD CHALLENGE is to help combat the escalating obesity epidemic here in Australia, with Australians now ranked no. 11 with a BMI of 27.8 for men and 27.3 for women. As we all know obesity causes major health problems for the individual including diabetes, high blood pressure and all types of cancer, including endometrial cancer. So join the Slow FOOD CHALLENGE to find that HEALTHIER YOU and to help a worthy cause at the same time.

The purpose of the Slow FOOD CHALLENGE is:
  • to encourage people to eat healthy food
  • to eat fresh food
  • to give fast food the flick for the month
  • to take time to prepare and cook the food yourself
  • to provide nutritious diet that is satisfying and sustainable

Food which should be eaten, because it's better for you includes:
  • fresh fruit and vegetables
  • fresh fish, meat and eggs
  • lentils, legumes, rice & pasta
  • nuts and grains

Food to be avoided includes:
  • fast food, soft drink, french fries, fruit juices, donuts, cakes, biscuits, lollies and ice-creams.

Avoid processed foods, especially fat reduced products since processed foods contain high levels of sugar, and others fat and salt to ramp up the flavour. These products result in poor food choices and poor health outcomes, in particular obesity, cancer and diabetes. Replace processed foods with whole foods.

Foods should be fresh and locally sourced for higher nutritional value and flavour.
  • Foods should not contain artificial colours or flavours.
  • Foods should not contain ingredients you cannot pronounce.
  • Foods should not contain a list of ingredients as long as your arm.
  • Foods should contain only one ingredient and that is itself.

Choose a roast dinner over hamburger with french fries and coke. Eat a salad with fresh greens and fish, meat or eggs over biscuits and cereal bars.

Snack on nuts and fruit over donuts and cakes.

By choosing healthier food options means a healthier body, reduced obesity levels and better health outcomes for all.

Ways to avoid temptation include:
  • Eat breakfast, include protein
  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Do not eat on the run
  • Cut out multi-tasking. So that when you eat, just eat, focus on the food, eat slowly and enjoy it.
  • Limit temptation food to 10% of your intake, not 90%! If the processed food is not in the pantry…you can't eat it!
  • But during the Slow Food Challenge there is to be NO temptation…that is the challenge. All temptations are to be penalised with dollar fines.

So get sponsored to eat healthy for the month of Eggtober. And fine yourself for making an unhealthy choice. $15:00 per breach.

This may include work and or social functions where food may not fulfil the criteria of the Slow FOOD CHALLENGE!


Top Individuals

  • Diane Arcuri Diane's Improve Your Health $550.00
  • Michelle Grimes Michelle Grimes $320.00
  • Catherine Potter Cathy's Slow Food Challenge $130.00
  • Phillip Potter Phil's Fast Food Flick $50.00
  • Phyllis Scarfone in Fine Print Challange $50.00

Top Teams

  • Susan Metcalfe The Slow Foodies $250.00
  • Lynda Chamberlain The x-junkies $150.00